AAA Free Self-Driving Shuttle Pilot Program

November 2017- October 2018

The American Automobile Association, NCNU  launched the AAA Free Self-Driving Shuttle (“shuttle”) in Las Vegas in November 2017, and successfully concluded the program on October 2018. The city of Las Vegas offered a great diversity of visitors, residents and local businesses to engage with, and a collaborative regulatory environment. The shuttle operated for 1,515 hours, with 32,827 riders.

The AAA shuttle was the first in the country to operate in live traffic and open to the public. Over the course of a year, the AAA shuttle provided the opportunity of free rides to residents and visitors of Las Vegas, and exposed most riders to the technology for the first time


Hop on the Free AAA Self-Driving Shuttle in Las Vegas

We Are Excited About the Successful Conclusion of our Pilot Program

Over 32000 riders have “hopped on” of our AAA Free Self-Driving shuttle. After their firsthand experience, 30% of the riders have more positive attitude towards AV technology, and 98% of the riders recommend this technology to their friends and family.

AAA NCNU is proud to announce that 91% of the riders agreed that AAA made them feel safer about autonomous vehicle technology. We are grateful and delighted that we have consumer’s permission and blessing to play our role to bringing this life changing technology to their day to day life, in a safe way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is AAA sponsoring the shuttle pilot program?
For the past 100 years, AAA has been committed to the safety of Members and the public out on the road. AAA believes that autonomous technology has potential to reduce traffic accidents, most of which are caused by human error. The AAA self-driving shuttle in Las Vegas allows you to experience exciting autonomous vehicle technology firsthand and voice your opinions on the experience.

2. Who are your partners?
AAA has partnered with the city of Las Vegas, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) and Keolis North America (Keolis). A global provider of transportation services, Keolis is the operator of the self-driving shuttle that is manufactured by NAVYA.

3. How many passengers are expected to ride the shuttle
This pilot program aims to give a quarter-million free rides to Las Vegas residents and visitors. AAA will donate $1 per shuttle rider to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund to support those affected by the October 1 tragedy—we started with a donation for $100,000 on launch day Nov 8, 2017!

4. Do I need to be a AAA Member to ride the shuttle?
No, you do not need to be a AAA Member to ride the shuttle. Our AAA Ambassadors at the stops will answer your questions about self-driving cars and this exciting pilot program. After your ride, a AAA Ambassador will ask for your feedback via an iPad or online survey. A safety operator is on board the shuttle at all times.

AAA Thanks Its collaborative partners:

We have not only achieved all of our goals but also learned a lot from our fantastic partners